AudioConvert 3.1

This program allows you to convert, transform, grab and record audio files
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AudioConvert 3.1 is one of the most complete conversion tools available on the internet. The program allows you to convert, grab, record and transform your audio files in a very easy and effective way. This efficient application supports a lot of audio formats, including AAC, AC3, AIFC, PCM, AMR, GSM, RAW, WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG and many more.
AudioConvert 3.1 's interface is very well designed. On the top of the program's main window you will be able to choose different options that will enable you to convert, grab audio CD, transform audio or record audio. The program can be used by beginners and advanced users.
Using this application, you will be able to save anything from inside or outside your computer and then save it directly to WAV, WMA, OGG or MP3 so that you can listen to it and extract it to mobile devices or play it in any media player.
If you choose to transform your audio files, you will be able to add more than thirty different effects to them.
All you have to do to start working with your audio files is to launch the program and add them into the program's main window by clicking on the add button on the program's main window. You will be able to customize your conversions by changing many advanced settings.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It allows you to convert, grab, transform and record audio files
  • It's easy to use
  • It allows you to customize your conversions
  • It supports a lot of audio formats


  • It has no disadvantages
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